Tuesday, June 15, 2010

R002 ready!

Hi there!

It's been a while, but Erik and I have been very busy, lately.
Anyway, after having spent one month, our first client is going to receive his R002, the first sister of our Radio Arkham. Here are the first pics of it:

As you can see, R002 is quite different from the first Radio Arkham: its look is darker and colder, perhaps minimalistic, but the result is appealing. Our client asked us if it was possible putting a light in it, and we found out a solution.
We're very proud of the result even because it was a not easy challenge!
Perhaps you want to test us again?


  1. When I arrived the game had already started. Ken had just enough players this year for one seven player board and since I was not officially registered he started with the seven players he had. If I was there at 9:00AM he would have been forced to run two four player games. What was I to do? Within 2 minutes I was sitting down with a group of guys who were sitting up a pick up game of Civilization. This was to occupy me until 6:00PM. Civilization is such a fun game. We played on the western board with just 4 players, with all the cards from Civilization and Advanced Civilization. Great fun was had by all. One of the four players had to leave at 2:00PM as he was registered for another event. His position was played by three other gamers who rotated in and out based on their own availability. All three were involved in their own games, but were happy to help us out. This is one game I’d like to see on the schedule next year. I’d play again.

  2. Hi,

    it has arrived :-) I've found a nice place for it in the living room, but I definitely have to organize the
    next Arkham Horror session soon :-)

    One of the lights is indeed dead, the other is working fine and has been installed - maybe I'll try
    to open the dead one and get a replacement battery.

    Thanks again to Erik and you for your great work!!