Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lights on: Radio Arkham on sale!

Radio Arkham is officially ON SALE!

Now, here are the rules to get your radio:

  1. Contact Fuliggine or Erikthedark [Phase 1]. You can do that:
    • via private message (Boardgamegeek)
    • via e-mail to fuliggine73ATgmailDOTcom
    • posting a comment directly in this post
  2. Wait for our answer; with it, you will receive a pdf file (or you can save it directly from this post) in which you can ask us for some change to custom your radio, like main colors, velvet colors, display and so on. We'll let you know if we can realize your wishes. Some changes will cause a different price, of course (we cannot put golden Cthulhu statues all over it at the same price of plastic ones). After that, we will let you know how much time you'll have to wait for your radio to be realized, and we'll do everything to fulfil it [Phase 2].
  3. Transfer 130$* (100€)* via bank account as a warranty for us: we wouldn't like to make something like that before receiving at least the money to buy materials. After you've payed, we will start the work [Phase 3]. Once we start the job, you won't have the money back if you wish to cancel the order.
  4. Be patient and wait for the work to be done [Phase 4]: usually, we'll need a month. When we will be ready, you will receive some photos to check if it's fine:
    a) if it's so, only now, you will have to pay to us the rest (normally 320$/250€) and for the shipping charges: we will contact for you the courier you wish (you pay for shipping charges). We will send your Radio Arkham to you as soon as we receive your payment
    b) if it's not, we'll talk about that and we will fix whatever it's wrong.
Thanks again to Bernd (Germany), our first and happy client.
Now, we wait for YOUR order!


*Prices are constantly updated. You will precisely know the price of your radio at the end of phase 2.

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