Sunday, May 9, 2010

Radio Arkham

Well... this is the project which gave us the idea of creating this particular blog. Better to be said, it was the enthusiastic reaction of BGG pals! This project was developed by both of us, and it was not easy at all! We found several problems while working on it, but we did it!
Here some photos of our so-called "Radio Arkham" (more to come...):

We're proud of it because it's a multi-functional dice tower for Arkham Horror which can store all the basic game cards, and even something more.

Let's start from frontal view:

Lower part:
Middle: the opener, which can be normally closed, where the dice fall.

Radio display is used to keep track, in real time, of, starting from the inner wheel, open portals, players, number of monsters in suburbs and monsters in town. When the game starts, we “syntonize” the radio on the right number of investigators, so that we can immediately check portal and monster limits. We use small stilettos to constantly update these data during the game.

The two upper niches which you see on the front are the slots for Portal cards and Outer Worlds encounters.

Just behind frontal view:

Just behind the big niches, near dice-well entrance, we put several shelves to keep all discard piles in a precise order, as you can see in our other images. On both flanks of the "radio" – lower part - there are ten slots (five on the right and five on the left) to store all the decks of the encounters in Arkham and of the tiny cards (items, skills, money and so on...). But it's still not finished! On the top, there's even a small container in which we store the dice from game to game.

Not bad, isn't it?

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  1. Hello!
    Its very good tower!
    Radio display is original idea.