Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lights on: Radio Arkham... for sale?

Hi there!
It seemed to us that some of BGGeeks could have been interested in having their own Radio Arkham (and we don't blame them for that... he he he).
Anyway, we won't lie to you when we say that assembling it was a long and accurate thing, and expensive too! We used some wood, polystyrene, bristol, a lot of paint, glue, and all connected tools, of course. The expenses for that were around 100-110$ (80-90€), and we spent several evenings to complete it. More, you would have to pay shipping charges.
Having said that, we can get to the point:

- if you really want a thing like that for you, total price would be around 450$ (350€), and I can assure that it wouldn't be much for that. We work in two, and it's a slow process.
- if you really want a thing like that, you gotta be patient. We're just 2, we do accurate things, and we need time.
- if you really want a thing like that, we would ask you for 130$* (100€*) just before starting the building of your radio and this money wouldn't ever given back! It's a sort of "warranty" for us, because, this way, we could protect ourselves from something like "No, thanks, I don't need/want your tower anymore..." once it is finished!

Having said that, the good news:
- you would have something unique and cool for your boardgame, with a certificate of authenticity.
- you could ask for some minor variation, like colors, display numbers, etc. to make it even more "yours".
- you could receive some good discount if other people order it: the more we build at the same time, the less you pay. We created this blog even to chat about that: feel free to ask for more info through the comments or via e-mail.

Thank you very much,


*Prices are constantly updated. You will precisely know the price of your radio at the end of phase 2. Please check here.

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